Father to the fatherless, defender of widows — this is God, whose dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families.

Psalm 68:5-6

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving Forward!!!

Right before leaving Haiti on Monday I learned that President Martelly FINALLY signed our dossier!!! We have received presidential dispensation after a LONG 12 month wait in IBESR. We are now waiting for it to be printed in the paper and hopefully we will then be scheduled for court. Hopefully sooner than later!!! Either way we are finally moving forward and for this we praise the Lord!


During my recent trip to Haiti I had the priviledge of meeting my lil sister, Sophiana. She was a sweet bundle of energy! I believe my parents will have to be on their toes when she comes home:) I'm very excited to have her be a part of our family!

A Place of Hope

Just got back from visiting Esther. It felt so wonderful to hold her in my arms again. So comforting to see her smile. I was gently reminded of how faithful our God is. He has carried Esther from a place of darkness into a place of hope. I desire with all of my heart for Esther to be here with us but it gives me great peace to see her experience joy in the midst of heartache. I can still hear her giggle when I close my eyes... a precious sound indeed.

Esther got to meet Papa during this trip. He also got a refresher course on playing dress up:)

Esther was sick with a virus much of the time I was there. It was incredibly humid and she was running a fever for at least 48 hours. Not so fun although I am thankful I was there to care for her. She was feeling good on the day of our trip to the resort. It was lots of fun even though she wanted nothing to do with the water. I think it was a nice break for her to get away from her normal routine. I wouldn't suggest taking a 2 hour trip through Haiti though.... I think I saw my life flash before my eyes more than once!

Esther chillin in the pool with Mimi & Papa:)

Yellow is Esther's color... it looks simply beautiful on her! Even when she's making crazy faces:)

                                                                 Pretty in Pink!

This is Esther's new caretaker.... it was nice to see her smiling most everytime I saw her:)

It was simply craziness trying to get the photo below. These are the 8 children that are being adopted by families in our home church, Lakeside Community. Praying them home!!!

                           Can't wait for these 2 to be hanging out together in Maine!!!

It was extremely hard to leave Esther this time. One would think it would become easier over time but in fact it only gets worse. This was the first time she understood that I was leaving before I left. I packed her things up and put them in one pile and put mine in another. She carried her things over and put them on top of mine. It was her way of telling me that she wanted to go with me:( Heartbreaking! The screaming and clawing that happened as I handed her to a caretaker was almost too much to bear. I long for the day when I leave Haiti with her in my arms. Praying that day comes soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


9 more days sweet baby girl... Mommy is coming!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sweet Sophiana

I have some exciting news to share... I'm going to be a big sister again!!! My parents are now in the process of adopting sweet Sophiana, a 6 year old little girl, from Kingdom of Kid's Orphanage in Haiti. (where Esther lives) What a blessing to now have 3 Haitian kiddos in our family:)

Sophiana Raye

Jean Marie

Esther Noel

2 weeks from today I will be on my way to Haiti with both my Mom and Dad! I can hardly wait to hold my baby girl and meet my lil sister. I hope the girls are prepared for lots of lovin!!!!

Our beautiful girls:)