Father to the fatherless, defender of widows — this is God, whose dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families.

Psalm 68:5-6

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mommy is Coming!!!

Mom & I went shopping this weekend to pick up the things we need for our trip to Haiti. 18 more days!!! This Mommy can hardly wait:)

Mom picked up some fun things to celebrate her birthday with... cupcakes, party hats, birthday napkins, etc... and of course there will be presents! Granmum & Grandad bought her a pop up toy. Gavin likes it so I have to keep reminding him that it's Esther's but she is letting him borrow it for a few days:) Mom & Dad bought her a ring stacker along with a bunch of other things... getting spoiled by Mimi & Papa already!!! My cousin is making her a couple bracelets. One to match her church dress and one to match her Christmas dress that Mom ordered for her... just can't wait to see them:) We bought her a pretty pink party dress to wear on her special day too. Oh what fun!!!

I was packing everything up, that we had bought yesterday, with my little helper. He was taking all the toys and putting them in piles. "this one for Gavin, this one for Esther and this one for Jean Me Me". He was dividing them up pretty evenly but every once in a while he would say "this one not for haiti... this one for gavin". Just in case I was possibly thinking of taking it:) He's 2 so naturally sharing is not his best quality. Packing up some toys for Esther and Jean Marie has been a great way to practice sharing! It's also a small way of making him a part of the process, which is really nice!

I'm getting both anxious and excited about leaving the country for a week. It's always a little overwhelming thinking about leaving Gavin for a long period of time. He's used to being with me 95% of the time so it is a bit of a struggle for both of us. But I know Daddy will take good care of him. Dana took the week off so they will most likely have a wonderful time together. He'll probably be pretty spoiled by the time I come home. They have already made plans with Papa (my dad) to go to "Donalds" (McDonalds) for supper one evening. He may be glad that I'm going to Haiti just so he can do that!

                                     It won't be long baby girl. Mommy is coming!!!


  1. Don't forget to bring some "pretties" for her hair--Haitian girls love ribbons and beads! So glad you will get to hold her in your arms soon.

  2. Yes, we have Christmas ribbons packed!!! Maybe we should get some birthday ribbons too:)

  3. So glad we found your blog! We are in Maine too and just started the process of adopting from Haiti..We love finding fellow Mainers with hearts for Haiti..Your children are beautiful and we will be praying for you as you make the trip to Haiti..Blessings~

  4. Thanks for your prayers! That's great that you have recently started the adoption process as well:) What orphanage are you adopting from? Do you have a blog?

  5. We are adopting a special needs child(ren) from Children of the Promise. They are considering us for 3 of their special needs children right now and we may know within the next couple weeks who they have chosen us for. We are saying lots of prayers for His will! And yes we do have a blog its http://fitzpatrickfamilyadoption.blogspot.com
    We're excited to follow your journey and pray for you all. Blessings~ Gillian

  6. That's great! I'll check out your blog:)